The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is the third-largest federally recognized tribe in Indian Country with more than 220,000 members, including 85,000 who live in Oklahoma. The Nation is comprised of more than 10,000 square miles and includes parts of 10 counties.


Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service develops science-based educational programs to help Oklahomans solve local issues and concerns, promote leadership and manage resources wisely. Programs focus on:

  • Increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises
  • Natural resources and environmental management
  • Food, nutrition, health and safety education
  • Youth, family and community development




  • “The gardening program helped spark an interest, not only in the kids but it went generational… The senior citizens got involved and they were really excited.” 

  • “… in the past three years, we’ve grown close to 15,000 pounds of vegetables that we give to our Tribal seniors. And [the agent] has been a big impact in that on helping do different trials with different types of [vegetables].

FRTEP programs have had a major impact on individuals, families and tribal communities. Just how much impact has now been quantified thanks to a research project that used Ripple Effects Mapping (REM) and content analysis. The Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) engaged in a joint collaboration with an evaluation team and the Western Extension Risk Management Education Center to measure the long-term impacts of the Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program (FRTEP) serving the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Click the link below to read the report.

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Agricultural training

More than 300 Choctaw youth and adults have participated in training in the production, handling and marketing of locally grown crops. Adult training has been done in conjunction with Choctaw farmers. Youth are learning about agriculture through classes in local schools. The expansion of the program into other related activities is under consideration, including farm enterprises such as small animal and culinary herb production and marketing. Extension hosts workshops, field days, on-farm research and demonstrations and offers technical assistance.

Vegetable Growing and Marketing Field Day

Field Days are held at the Choctaw Nation Tribal Field where participants tour vegetable plantings, see alternative growing methods and learn about pest management. There are sessions on marketing methods and opportunities for producing vegetables as a business venture. Extension works with producers to provide educational programs, technical assistance and youth programming. Youth receive hands-on experience working with agricultural products and learn about multiple aspects of agriculture and how it affects their lives.

Choctaw Farmers Market Initiative

There are more than a dozen farmers markets operating in Choctaw communities, including at Choctaw Nation health facilities in three communities. The Farmers Market Initiative helps to encourage new and existing farmers, offering educational programs and training on safety and food handling. The goal is to provide alternative sources of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables in regions where they are often difficult to find.

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